Saturday, November 5, 2011

Charlene Wittstock, Princess of Monaco, in Christian Dior to Grace Foundation Gala


Charlene Wittstock, Princess of Monaco, has walked the red carpet of the Annual Gala of the Grace Foundation. Former South African swimmer is always beautiful and in great shape but, above all, sporting the clothes of the major Italian and international designers. Charlene usually wears designer clothes Giorgio Armani, friend of the Grimaldi family, guest of honour at the wedding as well as designer of the dream dress for her wedding with Prince Albert of Monaco. This time, however, the Princess chose an elegant evening gown of a French fashion label emblazoned: Christian Dior.


Let's face it, the comparison with an icon like Grace Kelly who, with her style and her beauty will forever remain in the collective imagination, it would have been really unforgiving for anyone. Charlene Wittstock, however, with her class and good taste in dress seems to have held the confrontation despite the MILF could not know that to remain a figure. Despite this inevitable confrontation the beautiful Charlene sports always look flawless!

At the award ceremony of the Princess Grace Foundation, Charlene has worn a creation of Christian Dior autumn-winter 2011 2012 Black Lace embroidered with mink fur inlays. An elegant dress and sensual at the same time that the staturia Charlene, which boasts a tremendous physical, sport is really fine.

Prada's couture jewelry inspired by the magical years ' 50 and ' 60


Today I present the fabulous Prada jewelry for spring summer 2012, precious and beautiful lines inspired by the legendary years ' 50 and ' 60, when women were in full control and gradually began to conquer the rights and duties, but when there was to be beautiful seemed Queens, hairstyles, jewelry, clothes, tricks, everything had to be perfect. This retro magic never fades not and in fact there must be a reason for these years are always a point of reference for all designers.

Patrizio Bertelli, under the creative direction of his wife, Miuccia Prada, decided to try a new line of high fashion and namely jewellery, luxury couture proposals that leave really winded.

A few days ago we had shown pictures of the advertising campaign 2012 Prada resort with beautiful French actress, in addition to show us the clothing and bags, it was impossible not to be electrocuted by her jewelry, jewelry that now you can see in detail in our photogallery!

The leitmotif that Miuccia Prada handbags chooses for this precious jewelry line are inflected on roses, earrings, necklaces, pendants and also on a beautiful necklace with red roses. Diamonds, precious stones and corals for these beautiful jewelry that soon we will see on the red carpet.

Sarah Jessica Parker chooses colors from Vera Wang spring 2012


The lovely Sarah Jessica Parker is committed to the promotion of his latest film "but how does to everything?" that just a few days ago has flown in Australia, in Melbourne. The beautiful heroine of Sex and the city chose the colours of the spring summer collection Vera Wang, 2012 of sparkling shades, warm and dazzling that I like very much and that are also fine. Dress from Vera Wang is a very simple model and model with three-quarter sleeves, refreshingly is given by the press as futuristic shades of yellow.

For the new premiere in Melbourne, Sarah Jessica Parker opts for a very colorful dress from Vera Wang which is now summer and combines a necklace with maxi plastic beads and white pumps with high heel.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The low cost fashion brand Zara under investigation in Brazil

Serious accusations in Brazil for Zara, the fashion label low cost Spanish. The fashion brand is under investigation for forced labor. The accusation is that they have used the workforce that was forced to work under inhuman conditions, real slavery. The survey has already been launched by the Ministry of labour of Brasilia after the complaint about working conditions in a laboratory of Sao Paulo. The laboratory was illegal.

Zadar, which is not new complaints that shook the world (remember the bag with swastika removed from the market?), this time facing an inquiry really delicate, since it is accused of having forced its Brazilian workers to create fashion leaders in conditions of slavery, extreme exploitation.

"We found children exposed to risk, unprotected machines, electric wires, unsanitary spaces with great powder and no air circulation, without sunlight. Workers had to ask permission to the owner of the lab to go out and had to communicate where they went, "these are the words of Luis Alexandre de Faria, an official of the Ministry of labour, which was present in two blitz factory facts under investigation.

In this laboratory her salary was equal to 100 euro per month, when the minimum wage is 247. There are other companies that work for Zara that were placed under investigation, both in São Paulo to both American. All were reported. Although external work, de Faria, the brand is responsible for laboratories "because these workers produced virtually only pieces intended for the company, following its standard".

Try the iPhone hairstyles of the star on your head?

Have you seen a hairstyle that you like in your head to some star but don't want to dare to go to the hairdresser for fear that there is good? No fear, even for this there is an App for your iPhone. Now there are apps for anything, even to cut his hair. You can just download it on your smartphone, upload your photo and choose between many haircuts, among those present in the database. And you're done: so you will know exactly if what you have chosen for your head, really makes you or not!

Here's to you Hairstyle Magic Mirror Change your Look, a proposal for both iPhone and iPad. If you saw the hair of some celebrities who want to try to show off, there will a few gestures and you can bring the hairstyle on your head. Whether you are men and women that you are, you will have many styles.

You want to try long hair, maybe liscissimi? We will certainly in the rich database. You can also choose different shades, create instruments already exist, the perfect color your hair. And then you can also send those pictures changed to your friends via email or through Facebook. At a cost of 2.39 for iPhone and 3.99 euro for iPad.

A really fun game, to change the look whenever you want without hitting accidents or disasters, which remain on your head up to the next or the next color. Technology comes to our rescue with this application that it is very easy to use. You who want to inspire you for your hairstyle? Some hairstyle of star you want to splurge.

Donna Karan has the sensual underwear Intimate collection a/w 2011/2012

Here is the gorgeous collection Donna Karan Intimate that the well-known fashion brand has proposed for the wardrobe of next autumn-winter 2011/2012. In our image gallery you can see some of the heads of the underwear fashion brand has decided to give all women who want to dress impeccable style of glamour that we dress from head to toe. The underwear proposal for the next cold season is sensual, feminine and very trendy.

The autumn-winter 2011/2012 of Donna Karan embellished so these heads of absolutely underwear for a glamorous femme fatale who wants to dress with style. But not only: the leaders even more casual and definitely more comfortable, but no less feminine.

If you love fashion fashion brand, you will also love the Intimate, who thinks what you wear under our clothes!